May 2014 Commercial Market Update

This Commercial Market Update Highlights:

Significant events impacting the Sacramento Region’s Economy

Tiner rolls out all new exclusive Videos highlighting the “how to’s” of commercial real estate. 

Featured Properties For Sale: FBI Building Sacramento and AutoZone San Jose

Costar Market Updates and More…

We are excited about introducing to our clients and affiliates the new Tiner Commercial Website:

We committed to making the experience more valuable and easy to use for our clients and anyone involved in the commercial real estate industry. We succeed with state of the art information exclusively available

  • We have videos! We have produced a series of short videos on a variety topics most requested by our clients. Click here for our Video Page.  Here you will find what other brokerage companies either keep secret or just don’t know. These videos are free to our clients and designed to provide answers to the most commonly asked questions of every owner-investor, landlord, buyer and tenant.
  • Another exclusive service is our Business Success Series videos which provide innovative business insights from business leaders and consultants sharing their success stories, strategies and company cultures(link culture video here). Click here to see all the Business Success Series videos.  The web site will continue to offer market analysis, commercial real estate news and industry trends in our articles, all available with the click of your mouse.
  • The future development of Sacramento Arena and Rail Yards project will bring over a billion dollars to the local economy. These project will permanently transform Downtown Sacramento and reverberate economic benefits throughout the entire region.Read more

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Ben Tiner and Tony Wood

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